Getting Ready


Lease Review – When is your lease up? Is it assignable? Is there a chance to negotiate better terms? A discussion of what a buyer may want in a lease will be relevant to the value of the deal to them. It may also be a hindrance to a sale. Hopefully you are on good terms with your landlord.

Straighten Up - Give your business a pretty face. No business is harder to sell than one that looks and is run down. Make sure that your inventory and equipment are up to date and in good repair. Make sure your premises are neat and orderly and that the environment is clean and attractively presented.

Get Aggressive - A business that is expanding sales is more valuable than those with declining sales. So before you actively pursue selling your business, reinvigorate your marketing. Try to show a little increase in sales every quarter. If a potential buyer sees a business that is still growing, he will be willing to pay more for it because he perceives greater inherent value.